About the WeebleSue Site

What is this site about?

This is a total ego site. I built it as a hobby, and to have something to do when I get online. It's all about ME. I don't sell anything, and there's no advertising. I guess it was a learning experience.

I intend to keep adding stuff to it, changing, improving as I go. So check back soon! There will be something new and different each time you look! (Except if you look tomorrow... I'm not that quick. I *do* have a life outside the computer!)

I Use Frames

If your browser doesn't support frames, you may not see my pages correctly. The easiest solution is to use another browser, but if you can't, let me know and I will put a NOFRAMES version of the page up for you. I don't suppose there are too many of you out there, so I haven't started out doing that.

The reason experts say not to use them is because search engines (Like Google) can't search within frames. I don't care if I'm never listed anywhere on Google, so using frames accomplishes what I need, and eliminates the need to update menus on several pages when I make one change.

I Use Cheesy Gifs

The "experts" may say not to, but I just love the lil' guys! I've tried to use them only where they would apply or add emphasis. I hope I haven't gotten too carried away.


If I ever ask you for your email or other information, I will under no circumstances sell or give it to anyone. Ever. And I would hope that you would not do the same to me.

I do not accept or place any advertising.

I am very cheap, so I do everything free. This is strictly an "ego" site, I'm not selling you or buying anything. This was a learning exercise for me, and is now just a fun hobby. The logos that I have snagged were snagged from the owners' sites. I only use them because the logo for PBS is a lot easier to recognize than just text "PBS." I have not accepted any money to have them on my site. Nor will I pay to!!

I use Java Script

If you get an error saying something about Java Script needed or being enabled, then let me know and I'll walk you through it. It just means that you won't see some 'fun' things I've put on my pages.

I do not write Java Script, and I haven't paid for any of the script on these pages. I won't! There are too many 'free' things out there to pay for script. Refer to the Credits page (Under Susan's Stuff) to see where I got my free scripts. As far as I know, everything on here is in the public domain. Credit has been retained in scripts where required.

I wrote all the HMTL myself.

I took courses at my Leisure Learning Center, and learned all these nifty secrets. I do not use a commercial program. Most of it was written in Notepad. But I do use NoteTab Light, a free editor. It lets you open multiple pages at once, it has some nifty helpers, and has more bells & whistles than I have discovered. It's free, and it's great. This page is being written with it right now. It doesn't teach you HTML, but it makes your coding easier.

Do you need to learn HTML to write a page? Not really. Programs like FrontPage do it for you. Even MS Word will "save as a web page" for you. But be careful - these programs write so much extra code in your file that your little 5K file becomes over 70K really easily. I've tried it - trust me. Cleaning out their extra junk takes more time than starting from scratch.

Some places, like AOL Hometown, Yahoo, etc., have "wizards" that write your pages for you. You don't have to worry about the code, but you do have to accept their advertising when people view your pages. Caveat Emptor! (Let the buyer beware).

I have tested my pages.

I use AOL (which is Netscape-based) as my main website browser, so I know they work in AOL. I have also tested them on MSIE (internet explorer), Mozilla 1.7.5 (and thus Firefox), and Netscape 7.1. If you have a problem seeing my sites, contact me and let me know what browser you are using. (Go to Help / About and get the info there). Some older browsers won't see some of the nifty things I have added. Upgrade already! Most of the browsers out there are free!

What does WeebleSue mean anyway?

"Weeble" comes from the old toy, the weeble from Playskool. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. It's an old college nickname. I did my fair share of wobbling back in my day, but they didn't knock me down! So I just kept on using it as a computer name.

And the Sue part?

WeebleSusan doesn't sound right.

Does this mean I can call you Sue now?


What happens if I do anyway?

I will melt your hard drive.

Created on ... August 28, 2005