Rules for Submission of songs or new playlists

This is NOT intended to be an all-inclusive list of every song with a certain word in the title, or on a certain subject. You can search any major music service (Rhapsody, iTunes) and find 1500 songs with the name "Mary" in the title. I have no intention of listing them all.

So what songs can be added? Well, the choice is up to me. Basically, if I like the song, I will list it.

There are songs and artists listed that you aren't going to know. I don't expect you to have Dennis Locorriere's solo CDs (although you'd love them!!), Dennis' Site
and I don't expect you to have ever heard of The Wedding Present. Wedding Present, My space or try the official site

That's ok. It's MY list, and they only have to matter to me.

But having said that, I would love to see your submissions. So here are the rules:

To submit a new songlist, it should contain a minimum of 4-5 songs. Yes I know there are a few lists I have with fewer than that, but again, it's my list!
I'm not looking to create a songlist from every word in the dictionary. It should have something to do with life, love, something fun, humorous, or interesting. I'm the final judge on whether songlists get added.

To submit a new song to one of the playlists I already have, please include Song Title, Artist, Album name if available, genre (Rock, Country, Oldies-50s, etc.), and don't forget which list you think it goes in!
Generally speaking, if it made pop radio at the height of its popularity, chances are it will get added. Even if it didn't (like many songs on this list) if it's a really cool song I'll add it.

Songs that under any circumstance will not get added:
hip-hop, rap, hard rock, acid rock, gangsta rap, ...that's about it. There is a touch of country in the lists, but if I started including all country songs, the lists would get even more massive. I do like a few country songs, and as I stated above, if I like a song I will include it.
As you can see from these lists already, I have a widely varied taste in music. I like many kinds. So try it! And please don't take offense if I don't add your song. You can start your own lists, if you like.

Someday I'll get around to adding a form so you can suggest a song online.

How did all this start, anyway?

Keith and I were driving around somewhere, and we heard a song on the radio. It had a girl's name in the title. So to pass the time, we started thinking of other songs with girls' names in the title. We came up with about 50 off the top of our heads.
From there, slowly, the obsession grew. Soon came bands' names with places in them, numbers.... then certain words in titles. I would hear or think of a song, and BOOM several others would just come into my head. Like Magic, for example. They came so fast and furious I couldn't write fast enough. So I just kept going until new ideas started to peter out. They still filter in, bits and pieces and sometimes entire lists at once. I'll add/update as often as I can.

How many songs do you have?

I don't know. I'm afraid to count, really. It's a lot. I keep adding, and a counter would only be another thing to keep track of. So if you want to count them all, have at it. Just let me know when you're done!

How much of these did I look up, and how many just came to me?

The vast majority just came to me, but it was over a few months. I would hear a song on the radio and make a note of it, and 3 or 4 more would come to mind. I must confess there are some now that I got from others, and I did sort through the top 100 for each year from 1950 ( is great!). But by that time I had already listed the majority of songs that I already knew. I came upon those lists while searching for original artists of some remakes.

Am I ever going to put sound bites on my site, so you can hear these gems?

I probably can't, due to legal reasons. The &*#$%# lawyers have screwed that up for us, too. I recommend you sign up for a service like Rhapsody or iTunes, or listen to AOL*Radio or MSN Music. They'll have most of these songs somewhere.
By the way, if you find/have a recording of "Falling" by LeBlanc and Carr, please let me know. That one I cannot find anywhere. I know how it goes, I just can't find it online.

What about alternate artists/remakes?

I list the original artist first, followed by any other major recordings. Some songs will have been performed by multiple artists, and I'd rather not list them all. But if I have an original artist wrong, or if there is another major version of the song, please
There is a section especially for Classic Remakes - these are the remakes that are really good.

Why are some lists alphabetized and some not?

To confuse you. Ha ha! Not really - each list started out with the songs in the order that they came to me. Those that are not alphabetized are still in that form. But there were some lists that got so long, the only way I could tell if I already had a song was to sort the list. Maybe someday they'll all be sorted!

What about this "Slave to Pantyhose," where you have no idea who did it?

I heard this song once on an independent radio station while visiting a friend. It would have been somewhere in the early 90's, maybe 1990 or 1991. I thought I made a note of it, but have long since lost the information. I remember the title vividly (who could forget that?). But other than knowing it is sung by a woman, and remembering that I liked it, I have no other information on this song. I can't find it even on a Google(tm) search. So if you have any information on this song, or something that sounds like it, I would love for you to share it with me, and the world. Some songs are just too great to be hidden. Thanks!

What is Flotsam and Jetsam anyway? What's the difference?

"Flotsam in maritime law applies to wreckage or cargo left floating on the sea after a shipwreck. Jetsam applies to cargo or equipment thrown overboard (jettisoned) from a ship in distress and either sunk or washed ashore. The common phrase flotsam and jetsam is now used loosely to describe any objects found floating or washed ashore."

What's with all the initials?

Sorry if I haven't corrected all the initials yet.
S&G = Simon & Garfunkel
TWP = The Wedding Present
HM = Honorable Mention. Something that kinda goes with a list, but doesn't quite. Like a band's name instead of a song, i.e. Sweet, The Time, Little River Band.
MJ = Michael Jackson. I just don't feel right listing his name, even though he has been acquitted of the molestation charges. No matter how weird he might be now, you must admit, he made some darn good music in his day.

Isn't that supposed to be 'e.g.' instead of 'i.e.' in that last question?
Nope. Look it up.