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Honey Cannon

This is a picture of me dressed up as a pirate for Halloween (2004). I'm tolerating it. Barely!
Born: March, 2004
Joined Keith and Susan:July 3, 2004
What am I?I was a stray before I was taken to the Humane Sociey, so no one knows for sure. But I most closely resemble an American Staffordshire Terrier. But I'm bigger and heavier than the "official" breed. They are under 50 lbs and I'm 70 lbs of muscle and teeth, according to Daddy. Another AmStaff link: Bulldog Breeds

A GREAT site about so-called Bully Dogs
How I was adopted:I was rescued from the Houston Humane Society. Keith saw an ad for a male border collie and sent Susan to see if he was still there. He wasn't, but I was! Susan saw me and fell in love.
The truth is, I was in a cage with this horrible (very randy) dauschund and she had to rescue me! But another family had already picked me. Before she left, Susan filled out a "2nd chance" application, just in case. The first family fell through, and a week later Susan came and saved me!
Where I got my name:I was "Heather" at the HHS, but when they were driving me home, Susan and Keith thought I was the color of honey. And I sure am sweet as honey too!!
Nicknames:Honey Bear
The H word
Angel Puppy
DestructoPuppy! Watch a video of me in action!
The Minion
The Molester Puppy (I love to jump on you and lick your face!)
The Protector Puppy (I bark at everything, even when the wind blows!)
I have lived in:Stafford, TX
If I could talk, I would tell you:Talk? Who needs to talk? Can't I just lick your face??
Why am I so special?I eat cans! And I take all the toys in the house. I love to sleep on the bed with my head on mommy's pillow.
My Song Bad to the Bone, George Thorogood
Hear me!
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Click here to see how I grew!

I sure can get into some interesting sleep positions.

I really love the kitty bed that I took over when I found it, even though I am too big for it really.

The Houston Humane Society
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