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Matches Cannon

Born: June 28, 1999
What am I?I am a pastel tortie. Susan denies any white on my chin that would make me a calico. Whoever called this color "blue" should get their eyes checked! I'm grey!!
Joined Susan (and Keith):August, 1999
How I was adopted:Susan and Keith had lost Kitty (RIP) in February of 1998. They were very sad for a long time. Spotte was alone for 1 1/2 years. She needed some company. She had never been alone before. They had picked out the name Matches, and on a whim one day went to CAP (see below). They found me, and though Susan was ready to go home because I didn't quite look like "Matches," Keith held me and fell in love. They took me home that day.
Where I got my name:One day in the fall of 1997, Susan and Keith were lighting a fire in the fireplace, talking about how animals react to the sound of their voice rather than what they say. To prove it, she got up and went to get some - you guessed it - matches. She called out "Matches, matches" in a singsong voice, all cutesy. Both cats got up and followed her and mewed at her. She decided then and there that her next kitty would be called Matches.
Nicknames:Miss Match
The M word
The Divine Miss M
I have lived in:Stafford, TX
If I could talk, I would tell you:that I am quite the tricky kitty myself. I love to climb trees and chase birds. Even in the neighbor's yard! I love the top of her roof!
What am I special?I love to antagonize Spotte, and make up by licking her head. Since that terror of a dog came to the house, I've grown to taunt her too. I pretty much live on top of the fridge now.
My Song Flirtin' With Disaster, Molly Hatchet
Hear me!
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I have a website! Matches' Home Page It is from when I was a kitten.
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I was adopted from CAP or Citizens for Animal Protection in Houston.
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