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I am a goon dog! Here's proof:
Rickie Lee Bouvier Perry Cannon

This is the best picture of me ever taken. I was in Tampa then, the fall of 1996. I have dirt on my tongue! This picture has been sketched by Susan's Aunt Chris. She's so talented!
See the sketch or, visit Aunt Chris' art page
Born: Sometime in September, 1991 (we think)
What am I? I am definitely some sort of Border Collie. I'm taller and have shorter hair than the "show" collies. But I was a stray (possibly abandoned) before I was found, so who knows?
Joined Keith:May, 1992
How I was adopted:I was found on the side of the road in Illinois by a nice woman, Susan Perry. She took me in and we moved to Florida. Keith's buddy knew her, and told him about this dog in an apartment. Me, a border collie, in 700 sq ft! Keith thought it might be good to get me out of there, so he took me to South Tampa where I was Queen of the Street.
Where I got my name:My finder, Susan Perry, named me Rickie. Keith soon added "Lee" for Rickie Lee Jones. He added "Bouvier" as my maiden name later because he thought it sounded neat.
Nicknames:Tricky Rickie
The R word
Trickacannus Rick
Richard, Poor Richard
The Goon Dog, Old Lady, Lumpy, Larda** (all by my stepmom Susan!)
I have lived in:Illinois
Tampa, FL
Valrico, FL
Houston, TX
Stafford, TX
If I could talk, I would tell you:That I am not a dog. And I deeply resent the 'puppy' that came into my house to remind me of my inner dogness.
Why am I special?I used to be quite the bulldozer in my youth. I could dig a cavern 3 feet deep without blinking. I am very smart, and am totally devoted to Keith.
Hear me!
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My SongBelly Rubbin', Liz Mandville Greeson
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