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Born: Sometime in March, 1989
What am I? A plain black and white housecat. I have spots on my nose, belly, and the back of my left hind leg.
Joined Susan:May, 1989, as soon as I was weaned
How I was adopted:Susan had recently lost another cat (Urnie). A friend of her stepfather brought a box of kittens over one night. They called Susan, and she came over and looked at me and took me home that night. I was too irresistable!
Where I got my name:I should be called "Spottes." I have three black spots on me. Susan tried to be cute and spelled it Spotte.
The S word
The Purr Monster
Spot Noodle (Homage to the English dish, the Pot Noodle)
I have lived in:Tampa, FL
Brandon, FL
Valrico, FL
Houston, TX
Stafford, TX
If I could talk, I would tell you:So much it would curl your hair! I've been with Susan a long time!
Why am I special?You can hear my purr across the room and through a door if it is quiet enough. I give up a lot of hairballs, and have very soft fur.
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My Song Leave Me Alone (MJ)
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