Sweetheart's Goodbye Story

Sweetheart was a (male) cocker spaniel who lived with Elsie and Horace out in Plant City, Florida. They got him as a present for their granddaugher Ashley when she was 3 or 4. She named him Sweetheart. He was fun and loveable and had great fun with Rickie when she came to visit. He did stink pretty bad though!

It came time for him to go live with Ashley, and they built him a nice doghouse to be comfortable in when he was outside.

One day, Ashley took him his dinner and noticed that he wasn't eating. Soon thereafter her mom Kim went out to check up on him. He was laying still. She took him in her arms, and he looked up at her, and wagged his tail - stubby though that it was - thump, thump. Then laid his head down, closed his eyes, and took his final breath.

Everyone who hears that story at least tears up a little. That is why this story gets its own page.

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