Elizabeth George Character development review

1 A Great Deliverance
2 Payment In Blood
3 Well Schooled in Murder
4 A Suitable Vengeance
5 For the Sale of Elena
6 Missing Joseph
7 Playing for the Ashes
8 In the Presence of the Enemy
9 Deception on His Mind
10 In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
11 A Traitor to Memory
12 A Place of Hiding
13 With No One as Witness

1) A Great Deliverance

We meet the characters in this first book.
We learn that Superintendent Malcolm Webberly and chief superintendent Sir David Hillier are married to sisters {Frances Webberly, older (-) and Lady Laura Hillier (+)}.
Webberly's secretary is Dorothea Harriman.
Detective Sargeant Barbara Havers {frumpy} has been a bad girl and this is her 'last chance' at re-entering DCI. This is her first assignment out of uniform. She *hates* Lynley. Her father Jim is ill but her mum is well. Had a younger brother Tony die years ago. Lives in Acton. Mrs. Gustafson is the next-door neighbor.
Inspector Thomas (Tommy) Lynley (blonde in the book; brunette in the Mystery series), Eighth Earl of Asherton, has a notable reputation with the ladies and his longest-running mistress is Lady Helen Clyde (Simon's lab assistant), though they have never had sex. Townhouse in Eaton Terrace; family home is Howenstow, a Cornish estate. Nancy and Denton are servants. Went to Eton.
Lady Helen employs Caroline.
Simon Allcourt-St.James is marrying Lynley's old flame Deborah. We also discover that Lady Helen was once in love with Simon.
Simon and Lynley are long-time buddies. You read about their history in each book.

This book takes place in Yorkshire, at a place called Keldale. Simon and Deb are honeymooning there. A priest has found a decapitated body and the daughter admitted to the crime, but he does not think she did it.

Side characters:
In London:
Bertie Edwards - Met's chief of forensics
Sid(ney) - guest at wedding {we learn much later that Sidney is Simon's younger sister}/ Jeffrey Cusick mentioned in passing
Profesor Abrams at the Chelsea Institute, expert similar to Simon
Other inspectors MacPherson, Stewart, Hale (All Barbara failed with)

In Yorkshire:
Victim: William Teys, farmer to Gembler Farm, father of Roberta Teys, confessor, and Gillian, long lost daugher. Ex-husband of Tessa who ran away when Roberta was born. Whiskers the dog is also a victim.
Father Hart
Reuben Kerridge: Yorkshire's chef constable, runs a tight CID, superior to/Nies: heads up Richmond police in Yorkshire (north) - battling. Nies wants Kerridge out.
Nies arrested Lynley 5 years ago for his (L's) brother-in-law's murder. Nies has hated him since.
Mrs. Burton-Thomas, innkeeper of Keldale Hall and employees Danny (female), Eddie, and Angelica.
Danny does the hokey pokey (!) with Ezra Farmington, a local artist. We find later who he is *really* in love with!
Hank & JoJo Watson, fellow US innstayers.
Richard Gibson is the nephew of William Teys. He has inherited the farm; wife Madeline, and "brood."
Nigel Parrish is the town church organist. He walked the dog home on the night in question.
Gabriel Langston is the ineffective Keldale Police Constable.
Stepha O'Dell is the Keldale Lodge innkeeper. Lynley and Havers stay there.
Olivia O'Dell is Paul's widow; Paul was sister to Stepha. Their daugher is Bridie, who cares for a duck, Dougal. Dougal is short for Angus McDougal McDuck.
Olivia was engaged to William.
Harry Houseman is a PI who William hires shortly before his death.
Dr. Samuels is the caretaker of the asylum where Roberta is taken.
Marsha Fitzalan is the local schoolteacher.
Russell Mowrey is who Tessa is now married to. They have 2 kids, Rebecca and William.
Back in London:
Reverend George Clarence, wife, and son Jonah are of the Testament House, home for runaway teens.
Nell Graham - read the book!


2) Payment in Blood

This book takes place in Strathclyde, Scotland at Westerbrae, an estate home of Francesca Gerrard, recent widow of Phillip, a Lord of something or other. She is renovating the home in preparation of opening it as an inn. She employs Mary Agnes Campbell, 17, and Gowan Kilbride, 16.

These events take place 15 months after the 1st book. Havers is now Lynley's partner.
We find that Tommy has a brother, Peter, 10 years his junior. We also find Tommy is 34. Hodge is Howenstow's butler. A sister is also mentioned but only in passing.

The victim is Joy Sinclair, playwright and author. Other people at Strathclyde for a readthrough of Joy's play are:
Lady Helen Clyde, 30, guest of Rhys Davies-Jones, 42, Welsh director. He is a recovering alcoholic. He has a sister Anghared Mynach.
Stuart Rintol, Lord Stinhurst, producer, and his wife Marguerite and daugher Elizabeth. There was a son Alec who died in 1978 in the RAF. Joy was engaged to Alec. Joy and Elizabeth were childhood friends.
Joanna Ellacourt, acress, and her husband/manager David Sydeham.
Robert Gabriel, actor and famous partner of Joanna. Ex-husband of Irene, who is Joy's sister.
Drama critic and Joy's friend Jeremy Vinney.
The room layout is Lady Helen (with Rhys visiting), Joy, and Joanna/David.

Stuart had a brother Geoffrey (b. 1912) who died in a car accident in 1963. Son of Francis Rintoul, 14th Earl of Stinhurst. We find that Gowan's dad, Hugh Kilbride, lived on the farm near where Geoffrey's accident happened. Sir Andrew Higgins was family friend and physician.

DC Kevin Lonan and DI Ian Macaskin of Strathclyde CID.

Joy has mentioned a John Darrow, wife Hannah who died in 1973, with son Teddy. They are in Porthill Green. He is the proprietor of Wine's The Plough bar. Raymond Plater of Mildenhall was investigating officer.

Back in London...Joseph Cotter is Deb's dad and manservant to Simon. They have a dog Peach and a cat Alaska. Thay live in/on Cheyne Row.
We are introduced to Winston Nkata, 25, constable.
Lady Helen's maid is Caroline Shepherd, 25, been with her 3 years. Caroline is still involved with Denton. Helen's flat is in Onslow Square, a high rise.


3) Well Schooled in Murder

This takes place at Bredgar Chambers, "an independent school tucked into a roll of land between Crawley and Horsham in West Sussex, a little more than an hour's drive from London." A student is murdered but dumped in another location. A little over 2 months have passed since the last book; 18 months since book 1.
Deb finds the body at St. Giles Church outside the town of Stoke Poges. She has miscarried for the 4th time. We find out why she is so tormented by it (and who the father was!).

Young woman in the house closest to the dump site: Cecelia Feld. Foster child of Mr. & Mrs. Streader.
Inspector Canerone, only too happy to give the case over to St.James/Lynley. Has a son, Gerald. We never learn Canerone's first name.
Kevin and Patsy Whateley are parents of Matthew, the victim. He is 13. They live near Hammersmith. Mattie has a friend Yvonnen Livesley.

Lady Helen is in Greece, still gone from the previous book.
We find Peach is a dachshund, and Simon's longtime cook is Mrs. Winston.
Constable Nkata is used slightly at the end of the book.

At Bredgar's:
Headmaster: Alan Lockwood, wife Kathleen
Senior prefect: Chas Quilter, older brother Preston
Erebus Housemaster: John Corntel, Eton buddy of Lynley's. First asks for help with missing boy. Son of Patrick
Erebus House prefect: Brian Byrne. His father, Giles Byrne, got Matthew into Bredgar's. Giles' wife Rhena
Erebus House mother; Elaine Roby (somewhat after Frank Orten)
Roommates: Wedge, Arlens, Smythe-Andrews
Mate: Harry Morant of Calchus House
Hockey instructor: Cowfrey Pitt, also German master and head of languages
Science Teacher, who has unrequited feelings for John C: Emilia Bond. 25, only female teacher on staff.
San sister: Judith Laughland
Calchus House senior: Clive Pritchard
Colonel Bonnamy and daughter Jean: Matthew did Volunteer work with them
Frank Orten, Porter
Daphne, verbal victim of Clive

What happens with Barb and her mum?

4) A Suitable Vengeance

These events mainly occur at Howenstow, the estate home of Tommy Lynley in Cornwall. His mother "Daze" lives there. Nanrunnel is the nearest town.
Ms. George takes us back in time to when Deborah Cotter is arriving home from her three-year stint in America (California). She returns engaged to Tommy, who had visited her in the US. It seems to be about a year before the first book.

Tina Cogin is apparently a woman of the evening and is meeting Peter Lynley in a bar in Soho. They end up brawling in the alley where Sidney St. James and her beau, Justin Brooke, scientiest, are driving up and see them. Justin is there to buy drugs. He is an addict.

Deb is 21 and we find Simon is 11 years her senior (making him 32). This would put him at the same as as Lynley. She has set up in a flat in Paddington, and happens to be across the hall from Tina Cogin.
Peter has a flat in Whitechapel which he shares with Sasha. They are both addicts. Sasha is greedy. They are out of money and head to Howenstow, presumably to get money.
Tommy takes Deb there to meet the family - and takes her dad, Joseph Cotter. Tommy entices Simon and Lady Helen to come along for moral support. Cornwall is 300 miles from London.

At Howenstow:
Harry, Nancy's dad, is the Estate manager and her brother Mark works there.
Jasper is the chaueffer.
Dorothy "Daze" Lynley is the mother.
Sidney and Justin are there as well, along with Peter and Sasha Nifford.
John Penellin, Nancy's dad, is the Estate manager and her brother Mark works there. Mark and Peter were boyhood friends.
Caroline is a day maid. (She ultimately ends up in Helen's employ).
Hodge is the old butler.
Lady Augusta, dinner guest, is Tommy's maiden aunt.

In Nanrunnel:
Nancy Cambrey, wife of Mick, Journalist, mother of Molly.
Mick's dad is Harry, and he runs the local weekly paper, the Spokesman. Julianna Vendale works there too. The paper is above the Anchor & Rose, a pub run by Mrs. Swann.
Roderick Trenarrow, owner of Gull Cottage where the Cambreys live as well as a nice house. Lynley's mother's lover. He does medical research in Penzance.
Reverend Sweeney is the head of the local Players, wife Beatrice.
T.J. (Thomas Jefferson) Parker, constable.
Inspector Boscowan, local police chief.
Dr. Alice Walters, Penzance CID pathologist.
Simon has known Deb since her birth. Her mother died at age 7, and Simon opened the house in Chelsea (Cheyne Row). Deb and Cotter went to live with him and Cotter has been there since.

On the night of a big play in Nanrunnel, Mick is murdered and castrated post-mortem. Money is missing and the room is a shambles.

Justin Brooke ends up dead at the cove. We find that Simon and Sidney have 2 brothers, David and Andrew.

After the weekend, Sasha ends up dead from an apparent overdose in the Whitechapel flat.

On Page 314, we meet DI MacPherson and DS Barbara Havers, who is more than happy to pin the crime on Peter.


5) For the Sake of Elena

This takes place at fictitional St. Stephen's College in Cambridge. It is about 8 months after book 3.
Vic: Elena Weaver, student at the college. She is a runner, deaf and as we learn, 8 weeks pregnant. She has a mouse named Tidbit.
Sarah Gordon, artist, finds the body.
Superintendent Daniel Sheehan of the Cambridge Constabulary, secretary Edwina
Drake is the head of his forensics department. Pleasance is the younger guy. They are warring.

Webberly is back, with Phillip Hale (having marital problems), Stewart, MacPherson, and Lynley. Webberly's daughter Miranda (Randie) goes to St. Stephens as well.

Elena's mother Glyn (46) lives in London but comes to Cambridge for the funeral. She is a downright shrew.
Her father, Anthony, has remarried Justine (35) but is having an affair. He is a senior fellow at St. Stephens, up for the Penford Chair of History. They keep Elena's dog, an Irish Setter named Townee. Mr. Beck is the funeral director.

Havers' mom is 63 and is being watched by neighbor Mrs. Gustafson, 72. She is considering putting her mom in Hawthorne Lodge, on Uneeda Drive in Greenford. It is run by Florence Magentry (Mrs. Flo). She has found a small studio on Chalk Farm. Barb's brother was 10 when he died. Doris is Barb's aunt who died in the Blitz as a teenager. Her father died in March (at the end of Book 3!) and she finally puts her mom in Hawthorne.

Lynley visits Lady Helen at her sister's. The sister, Penelope, is having serious depression issues. She has twins, Christian and Perdita, just 4, and a new baby girl, 1 month old, as yet unnamed. Daphne is another sister. Husband Harry Rodger isn't home much. Iris is Helen's oldest sister, living in Montana. Ultimately Lynley pulls her back into art, and lifts some of her dark cloud.

She says very clearly that it was 10 months since Lynley proposed in January, making it October.

In Cambridge:
Terence Cuff, Master of St. Stephens
Gareth Randolph, undergrad guardian and head of DeaStu, Deaf student's group, and Bernadette, interpreter.
Adam Jenn, Weaver's graduate student.
Mr. Lennart (Lenny) Thorsson, english prof. His alibi is Catherine Meadows.
Victor Troughton with wife Rowena - Victor is having an affair with Elena, but is not the father of her child.
Elena has competition in running, Rosalyn Simpson. She is not "out," but goes home to tell her parents, the weekend of Elena's death. her mate is Melinda Powell, who is out and does not want her to talk.
Rosalyn sees the killer that morning, but looks like Georgina Higgins-Hart, who ends up shot from a shotgun blast. Bob Jenkins finds her body. He owns a border collie named Shasta.

Sarah was having the affair with Anthony. She owns a cat, Silk, and Flame the dog.
Mrs. Hugo Stamford is Sarah's neighbor, as is Norman Davies. Davis walks his dog, Mr. Jeffries.


6) Missing Joseph

Richie Rica is a photographer Deb shows her photo portfolio to. After that rejection, she meets Vicar Robin Sage of Winslough at a museum. He is Missing Joseph in the paintings of the madonna and child. It is November.

Now in December, we meet Brendan Power, younger brother to Hogarth and older brother to Tyrone. Brendan is marrying Rebecca Townley-Young. It is a shotgun wedding. Brendan is a junior solicitor in Becky's dad's firm. The dad is Andrew Townley-Young, and her cousin is Cecily (who does not like Becky).
Robin Sage is to officiate but he does not show up. Polly Yarkin is his housekeeper at the vicarage. He is dead on a footpath, due to poisoning. It is ruled accidental.

Later, in winter, Deb and Simon who have been married 2 years, are taking a vacation in Lancashire (where Winslough is) to take a break from babymaking. They stay at Crofter's Inn. Josie, Josephine Eugenia Wragg, is a young proprietor, daughter of Mrs. Dora Wragg and Mr. Ben Wragg, though she doesn't like to admit it.

The St. James' are partly there to visit the vicar and find the conditions of his death. It seems suspicious, so they call Lynley, who is on vacation himself. He and Helen, finally lovers, have a row and do not make it to Corfu, Greece. Havers is fixing up the house in Acton to sell it, and is only too willing to help Lynley when needed. Tommy is 36 and it has been 2 months since the last book. The last book ended on a Friday in November. This makes it now January. Lynley's Aunt Augusta is mentioned.

In Winslough:
Constable Colin Shepherd, who conducted the original investigation. He is involved with Mrs. Juliet Spence, mother of Maggie Spence. He has a big black retriever, Leo. His wife Annie died a few years ago (I think 6) of cancer.
Juliet was dining with the vicar when he was poisoned. Apparently she mistook parsnip for hemlock and fed it to him.
Polly Yarkin, vicar's housekeeper, is in love with Colin. She is a witch, as is her visiting mother Rita Rularski. Polly was a long time friend of Annie's.
Mrs. Spence, having moved every 2 years, is watching the Victorian house being renovated for Brendan and Becky.
Brendan is in love with Polly.
Maggie Spence has pals Josie and Pam Rice, 13, seeing Todd, 17. Maggie sees Nick Ware, 17. She is too involved! Maggie has a cat, Punkin.
Mrs. Spence tells Maggie that her dad Eddie Spence died in a car crash. Maggie is obsessed with finding her dad.
Nick's dad is Frank Ware of Skelshaw Farm. Sgt. Dick Hawkins is from Clitheroe Divisional Police Centre. WPC Garrity works there too. Shepherd's father was DCI @ regional constabulary, Hutton-Preston.

Deb and Simon take a day trip to Bradford, where they meet the Lord Bishop Robert Glennaven, and his impatient secretary Dominic. Bishop mentions Michael Ludlow, Bishop of Truro, who asks for a favor in placing Sage. The Bishop tells them about the vicar's wife Susanna who threw herself off a boat over grief of the crib-death of their son Joseph.
Back in London:
Helen mentions Daddy, Sidney, and Hortense. Caroline has moved back to Cornwall. She also mentions another sister Cybele
Katherine Gitterman, sister of the vicar's wife Susanna, used to work at Social Services.
Susanna's mother was Gladys. They grew up in Tresillian. Phillip Hale is mentioned again, as is John Stewart.
Sheelah Yanapapoulis, a woman of interest (read the book!), and her children Gino, Philip, Billy, Linus, and Hermes, husband Harold, lives in Lambeth. Stace works with her at the hair salon. Sheelah is pregnant with a girl, affectionatly known as Peanut, and mother of missing Tracey Joan.


7) Playing for the Ashes

Many chapters of the book are told from the perspective of Olivia. She lives on a barge with Chris Faraday, dogs Beans and Toast, and cat Panda.
Her mother is Mrs. Miriam Whitelaw. Dad is Gordon Whitelaw. In her youth, she ran off with Richie Brewster. Richie has a wife Loretta in Brighton and a gal called Sandy on Southend-On-Sea. She lived with Clark and Barry for a while, before her father died. She has since been estranged from her mother.
Vic: Kenneth Fleming, cricket star. He died of carbon monoxide poisoning when someone tried to set the cottage he was in on fire. The fire did not gut the cottage, but it consumed all the oxygen and he suffocated.
Martin Snell, milkman, finds the body. He has a thing for the woman in the cottage, Gabriella Patten, and in looking for her, finds the fire. The cottage is Celandine Cottage, owned by Mrs. Whitelaw. Gabriella is staying there in preparation of a divorce from her husband. She and Ken are having an affair.
Detective Inspector Isabelle Ardery of Greater Springburn CID somewhere near Kent, and DS Agnes Coffman of Springburn CID.
Jean Stella Fleming (11 years) now Cooper is Ken's soon-to-be-ex-wife, with Jimmy their oldest son. He is 17. She has a brother Derrick who lives with their mother. She has a daughter Sharon and another son Stan.
Hugh Patten, husband of Gabriella, owns the England cricket team. He has his own affair with young Jessica. Lives in Hampstead.
Miriam Whitelaw lives in Staffordshire Terrace. She owns/runs a printing business in Stepney. The vic lived with her, though she was much older than he.
Guy Mollison is England's captain (cricket).

Chris Faraday is interested in animal welfare. His buddy is Max. Olivia has an illness and can't get around too well. Chris is involved with Amanda Beckstead.

Lynley is going to propose (again) when he is called to the case. Helen is 33. It has been 16 months since he stopped smoking. We learn his sister's name is Judith.

Barbara is 3 weeks into Chalk Farm. Her mother has been in Hawthorne Lodge just short of 6 months. We meet her neighbors, Hadiyyah, just turning 8, and her father Taymullah Azhar (called Azhar).

Helen finally answers Lynley, though she is largely missing from this book.


8) In the Presence of the Enemy

Charlotte (Lottie or Charlie) Bowen, 10, has been abducted. She is the daughter of Evelyn (Eve) Bowen, the Undersecretary of State for the Home Office. She is also an MP for and lives in Marylebone. Eve is married to Alexander Stone, and their negligent nanny is Mrs. Maguire.
Lottie has flute lessons with Damien Chambers. It was after a music lesson that she was taken. Damien is having a fling with Rachel Mountbatten, violinist with the philharmonic. That's Mrs. Mountbatten.

Lottie's best mate is Breta. Lottie attends St. Bernadette's Primary School on Blanford Street. Head is Sister Mary of the Passion. Sister Agnetis is one of her teachers. Brigitta Walters is a friend of Lottie's, in Sister Vincent de Paul's class. We find later that Breta is an imaginary friend.

Eve had a one-conference fling with tabloid newpaper editor Dennis Luxford in Blackpool, producing Charlotte. No one knows, or so they thought.

Rodney Aronson is Deputy Editor at Luxford’s paper, hankering for his job. Mitchell Corsico is another reporter. The current big story is that Mr. Sinclair Larnsey, MP, has been caught with a 16-year-old male prostitute, Daffy Dukane. Sarah Happleshort is Luxford's news editor. Miss Wallace, 60, is Luxford’s secretary. Peter Ogilvie is the chairman of The Source.

Luxford’s wife is Fiona, with son Leo, 8. He lives in Highgate.
It is May.

Luxford knows David, Simon’s brother. David is a business whiz. Deb encourages Simon to look into the case, even though they know the Yard should take it.

On page 54 (paperback), the writer refers to a headline of “Cricket murder trial coming,” a nod to her previous book! There are a few references in this book to Lynley's last case.

Eve's policital assistant is Joel Woodward, son of Colonel Julian Woodward, chairman of her constituency association. Alistair Harvie is a political opponent of hers, based in Wiltshire. His secretary is Mrs. Agatha Howe.

Charlotte ends up dead, drowned and naked in Wiltshire.

In Wiltshire:
DC Robin Payne, 29. In his third week as DC. DS Reg Stanley is a prig. They are of the Amesford CID. They are near Salisbury.
Robin lives at his mum's Lark's Haven B&B. Corrine Payne is recently betrothed to Sam Corey.
Robin Payne is "engaged" to Celia. Sort of.

Sir David Hillier has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner. Chief Superintendent Malcolm Webberly is (still) Lynley's immediate supervisor.

Nkata helps Lynley in London while Havers heads up things in Wiltshire.

Havers is 33; became a DC at 24, been at the Yard for 6 years. Her neighbors are Khalidah Hadiyyah and T. Azhar. Florence Magentry is keeper of Hawthorne Lodge where her mother (64) is.

Leo gets taken.

Chambers' actual alibi is a man, Russell Majewski aka Russell Mane, a TV cop.

Sir Richard Hepton is the Home Secretary.

Mechanic Howard Short gets a bag of rags at a church fete in Stanton. The fete is run by Reverend Mr. Matheson and his wife Rose. Their daughter is Miss Matheson - Celia!

DI John Stewart provides investigative help in London.

Lynley and Helen finally marry in a small civil ceremony.


9) Deception on His Mind

Let me say, first, that this is a tough book to read. Being an American, I guess I'm a little sensitive to prejudice. I don't tolerate it, nor do I tolerate those who are so disposed. Next, here in the US, the "colourdes," the "Asians," and the "Pakis" are three separate distict minority groups. It is confusing at first to read a book where they are all one. It takes time to adjust to the terminology.

Vic: Haytham Querashi, a Pakistani, recently brought to England to marry. He is found in a "pillbox" at the beach, neck broken, bruised.
Ian Armstrong, failure, finds the body. Husband of nitpicker Anita. We find that the vic took his position at the factory, and upon his death, Ian got his job back.
It is late June, just after Lynley and Helen marry. They are honeymooning and missing from this book. Barbara is still recovering from the beating she took at the end of the last book.
This book takes place in Balford-on-Nez, a beachside town. It is near Essex.
Rachel Winfield, daughter of Connie, is a friend of Sahlah Malik. The vic is Sahlah's betrothed. The Windields own a store selling gift items.
Sayyid Akram Malik, Sahlah's father, is married to Wardah. Their oldest, son Muhannad, was married to Yumn. They have 2 boys, 27-month-old Anas and 17-month-old Bishr. She is trying for a 3rd son. Akram owns Malik's Mustards and Spices.
Agatha Shaw is a long-time resident of Balford with the sole agenda of redevelopment. She alienated her children and ended up raising 2 grandsons. Theo is the only one left. Agatha has a 'daily' servant Mary Ellis. Agatha has had a stroke.
Gerry DeVitt is a contractor, working on a new restaurant on the pier. He lives with Cliff Hegarty, who owns/runs Hegarty's Adult Distractions. He does mostly mail-order business of risque jigsaw puzzles.
Taymullah Azhar and Hadiyyah have gone to Balford to aid his family, from whom he has been banished for 10 years. Barbara follows them out there, out of curiosity, boredom, and piqued interest.
Basil Treves is the proprietor of Burnt House Hotel, where Barbara stays. Azhar and Hadiyyah are staying there too.

Emily Barlow is the DCI in Balford. Havers knows her and looks up to her. Belinda Warner is her secretary.
Superintendent Donald Ferguson is always on Barlow's back.
DC's Grey and Waters, Billy Honigman, Hesketh
Kriminalhauptkommisar (Inspector) Kreuzhage in Hamburg, Germany
Professor Siddiqi from London helps out as translator.

Trevor Ruddick is Rachel's alibi. His parents are Mr and Mrs (Shirl) Ruddick. Sibs Brucie, Charlie, 2 girls. Trevor nicked some jars of spices from Malik's Mustards and was sacked. He now works security on the pier for Theo Shaw.
Mrs. Gladys Kersey owns the house where Fahd Kumhar stays, in Clacton-on-Sea, on Chapman Road.
Edwina, Jen, and Rudi work at World Wide Tours in Harwich.
Klaus Rauchlein is a partner in the furniture trade business that Mahannad seems to be involved in.
Mrs. Shaw has another, incapacitating stroke. Mrs. Jacobs is her nurse.


10) In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner

David King-Ryder and Michael Chandler are long time cowriters of Broadway type shows in London. As the book opens, Chandler has been dead for a few years, and David has his first hit since.

David's wife Ginny (nee Virginia Elliott) is the producer of the hit. She was the 12th mistress before becoming the 5th wife. His son Matthew is his manager. Isadora is his sister, works in costume design. He shoots himself.

Months later...in Derbyshire.
Julian Britton, 27, breeds dogs and is trying to renovate Broughton Manor. His father Jeremy is a drunk. Julian has 2 siblings. His cousin Samantha McCallin is helping them renovate. Her mom, Jeremy's sister, is Sophie Britton McCallin. Her dad is Douglas, died of prostate cancer.
Julian is in love with Nicola Maiden, working for laywer Will Upman in Derbyshire for the summer. Julian proposes, she turns him down.
Her parents Andy and Nan (Nancy) own Black Horse Hotel. Their chef is Christian-Louis Ferrer. She goes camping.

Phoebe Neill is a nurse; a recent patient Stephen Fairbrook has died. She adopted his dog Benbow and while walking around Nine Sisters Henge, finds the bodies.

Vic 1: Nicola Maiden, blows to the head.
Vic 2: ultimately identified as Terry Cole, from London (Shoreditch). Multiple stab wounds.

Buxton Police: DI Peter Hanken. He has 2 dogs, kids Sarah, Bella, and PJ. Wife Kathleen.
WPC Patty Stewart & WPC Peggy Hammer.
Amber Kubowsky is a forensic scientist.

Havers has been on 3 month suspension (it is now September). AC Hiller demotes her to DC. Webberly, not Lynley, had called in favors to save her. Barb's mom has been in Greenford for 10 months. Nkata is 8 years younger than Havers, 12 years younger than Lynley.

Andy was in SO10, Crime Ops group. His code name was "Domino." Andy knew Lynley, so he requests him for the case. DCS Hextell is current head of SO10.

Terry lived in Battersea with Cilla Thompson. His mom is Sally Cole, sister Cyn with infant son Darryl. His neighbor is Mrs. Geoffrey Baden. Cilla's boyfriend is Dan.

Lynley's valet is Charlie Denton.
Lynley stays at the Black Angel Hotel in Tideswell.

Will Upman's alibi is a married woman named Joyce.
@MKR Financial management, Tricia Reeve (smackhead) is Assistant Director, hubby Martin (a rare American making an appearance in one of George's books) is Managing Director. They have a 16-year-old son William, not present in the book. Nicola had worked for them but quit at the end of April.
Martin has Jaz Burns, security person, follow the cops.
Nic left law school and moved from her Islington bed-sit on May 10, and moved to a posh flat in Fulham with Vi Nevin. Vi's secretary used to be Shelly Platt, who went psycho on her.
Teddy Webster is a pudgy kid who moved to The Peaks with parents Judy & Frank, and sister Carrie. He finds a bloody knife in a yellow trash bin.
Lash (Dewey) is an old mate of Winnie’s; turns out Lash and Winnie marked each other in a brawl years ago. Lash works with Shelly Pratt.
Neil Sitwell is an auction house owner.
Sir Adrian Beattie was a client of Nikki’s. Wife Margaret. He is “The UK’s answer to Christiaan Barnard," a well known cardiac surgeon. He had set her up in the Fulham flat.
Nicola’s ‘professional’ name was Nikki Temptation.
Hadiyyah’s mother is Angela. In the last book we learned that Azhar abandoned his Paki wife and 2 kids for Angela.
Helen has 4 sisters: Penelope, Iris (different paths in life), Cybele, & Daphne
Jason Harley is owner of Quiver Me Timbers, an archery shoppe. Makes his own arrows.
Additional vics: Vi Nevin (beating) and Andy Maiden (suicide).


11) A Traitor to Memory

Pre-vic 1: Katie Waddington, an extra-large sex counselor. Gets run over. Does not die.
Victim 1: Eugenie Davies. Was being followed by Ted Wiley, bookshop owner. He has a golden retriever, P.B. for Precious Baby. His wife Connie died 5 years ago. They had been involved for 3 years.
In the past:
Current Day:
It is November.
Gideon is in therapy with Dr. Alison Rose (Her hubby Tim Freeman died of colon cancer at age 37). He has lost his music in a concert on July 13. His pianist is Sherrill, an American. The theater manager is Beth, his old lover. His publicist is Joanne.
Richard is now with Jill Foster, very pregnant. Her mother is Dora. Dora hires Gladys Smiley to be Jill's trainer. Gideon has a lodger, American Liberty (Libby) Neale. Her sisters are Equality (Ali) and Fraternity. Go figure.

Malcolm Webberly has been married to Frances for 25 years. She has agoraphobia. Miranda (Randie), 22, plays host at their anniversary party. She plays trumpet. They have a dog Alfie, an Alsatian mix.
DI Eric Leach was Webberly's Sargeant 20 years ago. Leach is now in Hampstead. Pathologist Dr. Olav Grotsin. PC Stanwood.
Tommy is 37. Helen is pregnant.
At the party, Tommy talks with DI Angus MacPherson and John Stewart.
James the Lodger is now J.W. Pitchley. His solicitor is Jack Azoff. He is followed by 2 "thugs" Robbie and Brent, who call him Jay.
Georgia Ramsbottom is the secretary of the Sixty Plus Club. Mrs. Dilday reads books in Wiley's shop.
Katja is out of prison now living with fellow inmate Yasmin Edwards, with son Daniel. Winston Nkata interviews them. Yasmin went to prison for knifing her abusive hubby Roger. Spent 5 years in jail, where she met Katja.
Winston's mom is Alice.
Ian Staines (Vic's brother) is a cat lover, wife Lydia.
Sarah Jane is now married to Perry Hamilton with 2 daughters Angelique and Anastasia.
Harriet Lewis is Katja's solicitor; lives with Noreen McKay.
Victims, in order:
Incidental: Ashaki Newland, Yasmin's customer


12) A Place of Hiding

Takes place on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel.
Vic: Guy (rhymes with 'key') Brouard, 68, drugged and had a stone shoved in his throat after his morning swim. This happens on December 5, and our story begins on December 15.
Accused: Americans (!) China River, old roomie of Deborah St.James, and Mooch brother Cherokee River. She was involved with Matt Whitecomb for 13 years and goes with Cherokee to London upon their breakup. Cherokee goes to London to fetch Deb and Simon to help free China after she is arrested on Guernsey. Their unnamed environmentalist mom is mentioned a few times.
Simon's two brothers are in the shipping business in Southampton. His sister (Sidney) is in London, a former model who is now interviewing celebs for TV.
Lynley is mentioned only briefly and Havers not at all.
Roger Holberry is their attorney/solicitor/advocate.
Guy lived with younger sister Ruth, WWII survivors. He had built a fortune and lived at Le Reposoir. She has cancer.
Valerie Duffy and hubby Kevin manage the estate; they have 2 grown sons. He had a twin Corey who died, leaving wife Mary Beth and 2 daughters.
Guy's current lover is Anais Abbott, daughter Jemima (not Guy's).
Glassmaker Henry Moullin, Valerie's brother, with eldest daughter Cynthia. There are 2 younger daughters.
Paul Fielder, 16, protege of Guy. Has older ass brother Billy, 2 younger brothers and a young sister. Parents Ol and Mave. Has mutt dog Taboo.
Guy's ex-wife Margaret Chamberlain (new hubby William) is a shrew, mother of Adrian, 37. Adrian was almost involved with Carmel Fitzgerald. They consult advocate Juditha Crown.
Guy has another ex-wife JoAnna Brouard and 2 daughters, mentioned but not seen.
Frank Ouseley and father Graham, 92, have a collection of war souvenirs. Mom Grace long dead. Guy wanted to build a museum to house the collection.
Bertrand (Nobby) Debiere, island architect, wife Caroline, 2 young sons (one Bert), and one on the way.
DCI Le Gallez on Guernsey
Dominic Forrest, Guy's solicitor
Police Constable Trev Addison, local guy
Rachel Friestat, Special Consul at the Yard
Attorney William Keifer with assistant Cheryl Bennett and architect Jim Ward in California.
John Steven Mitchell and Jeanne and Mark Potter, antique dealers.
Agnes Swift, funeral director
Felix Alyar, hotel director


13) With No One As Witness

Takes place in London, January.
I number the victims according to time tied to killer, then actual victim. Vic (1/4) means the first victim tied to the killer, but the 4th person actually killed.

Vic (1/4) - Kimmo Thorne, petty thief and transvestite. Lives with Aunt Sally & Gran. Stole silver to resell.
Ronald Xavier Ritucci, wife Gail, daugther Gillian and infant son - get robbed by Kimmo.
Blink, aka Charlie Burov, is Kimmo's mate. Term used loosely.
Kimmo sold his silver in Bermondsey Market in a booth with Elaine and Ray Grabinski.
Their competitor is Reginald (Reg) Lewis.
At the Borough police station, DS Gill knew Kimmo well.

Lynley is still Acting Superintendent; Webberly is still recuperating. Hillier's secretary is Judi MacIntosh. Dorothea Harriman (Dee) is Department Secretary.

Stephenson Deacon is press secretary. He first appears with 2 young interns, Miss Clapp and unnamed male.
Hamish Robson, profiler (Clinical and Forensic Psychologist) is brought in to the effort, much to Lynley's chagrin.
Dr. Okerlund is at Lanbeth Road station, doing lab analysis.
SOCO = Scenes of Crime Officers.
Constable Eyre is on the task force.
Mitchell Corsico is the reporter brought in to the investigation.
DAC Cherson in Personnel Management

NKata is now a Sargeant.
Yasmin Edwards and Daniel appear, albeit briefly. Lloyd Burnett is in her shop.
Winnie's brother is Harold, in prison. Dad is Benjamin, live in Loughborough Estate, South London.

Helen is pregnant in her 1st trimester. They've been married less than a year. One sister is Daphne Amalfini (lives in Italy with Gianfranco).
Barb's mum has been in Greenford for 15 months.
Hadiyyah and Azhar appear again. Mrs. Thompson is her teacher.

DCI Opal Towers (Ope) is from Theobald's Road police station. DC Hartell is as well.
Fu is the killer.

Vic (2/2) turns out to be Jared Salvatore, 14. His brother Felipe, in jail, IDs him. Navina Cryer, 16, is largely pregnant, Jared's girlfriend.
Constable Joshua Silver works at Peckham police station.

At the 5th body we find DI Hogarth.

@Colossus: Reverend Bram Savidge is the foster father of Sean Lavery, who is missing. Turns up as Vic #5. The Reverend runs "Plugged In To The Lord." Sean's mother is Cleopatra Lavery, in prison; his father is Sol Oliver, lives in North Kensington. Rev's wife is Oni, from Ghana.

In Camden Lock Market, Wendy of Wendy's Cloud has a sister Petula (Pet).
Mr Magic's stall is owned/run by Barry Minshall. Mrs. Singh is the landlady of his flat. The Magic Stall's neighbor is John Miller.
The body piercing stall is run by Tara Powell.

Proprietors Clara Maxwell and daughter Val in Mr. Sandwich is next door to the Crystal Moon, in Gabriel's Wharf. Gigi and her gran run Crystal Moon. Robbie's neighbor is Sylvia Puccini. His mom was Charlene. He hung out in the Othello bar.
Anton Reid turns out to be the 1st victim (Vic 5/1), from Furzedown.

Vic# Name,ageLived inOrder FoundLocation FoundDate FoundDI TherePolice StnFound by
1.Anton ReidFurzedown510 SeptemberDI Hogarth
2.Jared Salvatore, 14Peckham?220 October
3.Dennis Butcher, 14Bromley625 November---
4.Kimmo Thorne(Borough)1St. George's Gardens10 DecemberDI GillBorough
5.Sean Lavery 3 18 December
6.Davey BentonBovingdon Close 4Queen's Wood8 JanuaryDI WaddisonArchwayRuff

Ruff is Eliott Augustus Greenberry, painting graffiti. "tagging" silver paint.

Davy Benton lived in Bovingdon Close, parents Bev & Max Benton, 4 other kids (Sherry and Brenda/Rory and Stevie). Davey's mate is Andy Crickeworth.
A mysterious van was owned by Muffaq Masoud, lives in Haynes in Middlesex.
B. Stinger, security guard
James Barty is the duty solicitor at the Holmes Street Station.
Berkeley Pears is a witness to the dumping of Davey's body.
Emma is Griff's "other" interest.
Mr. Tatlises, manager of Canterbury Hotel. Ibrahim Selcuk, night clerk (nephew)
Mrs. MacDonald is at St. Lucy's Church. Their estate agent is Taverstock & Percy, receptionist Misty.
Lynley's sister Judith and her daughter Stephanie are mentioned.
Terence Fire, detective.
Amy Stranne, Robson's solicitor.
DS Starr, at Harrow Road police station with Joel Campbel. Social worker Fabia Bender.

They never identify the leak from the Yard task force.

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